The Egyptian Pharmaceutical Vigilance Center (EPVC)- Pharmacovigilance Departement-  adopts many ways to share and deliver information to keep you informed with the  latest safety news that are issued by EPVC.

The e-newsletters section is designed for the online dissemination of Egyptian & worldwide information about public health advisories decisions, new risks associated with certain marketed products, recalls of a medicinal product, press releases, warnings and safety alerts, Dear Healthcare Professional Communications (DHPCs). These newsletters address Healthcare professionals (HCPs), patients, scientific societies and medical syndicates.

These newsletters are edited by EPVC Pharmacovigilance team members in collaboration with members from the National Organization for Research & Control of Biologicals (NORCB) to share with you more collective summary of news about the safety awareness.



The latest Issue, No. 89, 01/06/2017 (Volume 8)    


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Issue 89, 01/06/2017


  • Fluoroquinolones and potential risk of retinal detachment
  • Case report from Sohag - Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS) induced by using Menogon & Purogon &Clomid as ovulation induction therapy
  • HIV vaccine shows near 100% immune response rate in early test
  • New study could boost vaccination argument for HPV Vaccine
  • Malaria’s genetic poker-playing could threaten vaccine
  • A Company reveals first-in-human data from mRNA vaccine tech
  • A company set to test HIV vaccine with a checkpoint inhibitor
  • Why pregnant women need Tdap vaccine